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  • Prices are based on 2 anglers per boat

  • Each boat has 2 guides and a typical day is 8am-4pm

  • Mostly fly fishing but spin fishing is also offered

  • Well-serviced and maintained boats

  • Knowledgeable and experienced guides

  • Lunch cooler and refreshments in the boat

  • Breakfast and Dinner at the restaurant

No included
  • Transportation to and from Cancun airport

  • Airfares

  • Fishing gear

  • Tips

  • Alcohol


Transportation can be arranged from the Airport for $250.00 per group of 1-6 people. The same applies for the return trip to the airport.

You can also rent a car if you like for approximately $35.00 to $60.00 a day.

If you have a non-fishing partner or a combination of people fishing and not fishing, write us and we will do our best to put together a price to accommodate your group.


Rods & ReeRecommended Fishing gearls:

Rods & Reels:

7-8 weight for Bonefish, 8-9 weight for Permit, Tarpon and Snook. Reels need to have around 100+ yards of backing for bonefish and 200+ yards for permit.


Weight forward floating lines. Generally, no sinking lines are needed. Spinning rods are great to have also for throwing at Barracudas and Jacks or if it's really windy and you're not a great fly caster. Bring some small and medium jigs with white, yellow or pink hair, and some red and white Zara Spooks and poppers.

Leaders & Tippet:

Bonefish, 9-12 ft, 8-15 lb

Permit, 9-12 ft, 15-20 lb

Tarpon and Snook, 20-30 lb with 40—50 lb bite tippet

Wire tippet for “Toothy” critters

Bonefish Flies:

Crazy Charlies in tan, pink, white. Mini Puffs in pink and orange. Peterson's Spawning Shrimp, Gotchas. Patterns don't seem to be the important factor. It's having different sizes and weights that is important. Have some size 8 with small eyes for shallow water, some size 6 for medium water and some size 4 with heavy eyes for deep water. Good colors are pink, tan, white and orange. We like patterns with rubber legs and tan fur. Usually 20-30 Bonefish flies will be plenty.

Permit Flies:

The Raghead Crab has been the best producer in recent years. Again it's important to have different weights. Hook sizes 4-6. You don't need a lot of crabs. A few in light tan, a few in medium tan, and maybe a few Mantis Shrimp type patterns or “Squimps”. The Avalon Fly has also become popular in recent years. With permit, presentation and a lot of luck are more important than the pattern itself. Try to get ones about the size of a dime, the big ones ones are hard to cast in the wind.

Tarpon and Snook Flies:

e tarpon here never seem to be to particular on pattern. Black Death is a good one to start with. Other good color combination are black and red, black and purple, orange and yellow, red and white, blue and white. A standard red and white deceiver is good for Snook. Most of the Tarpon here are small but they're just as capable of cutting through tippet as the big ones. Have some 20-30 lb mono and tie that directly to some 40-50 lb bite tippet.

Misc. Supplies to Brings

Headlamp, Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, Polarized Sunglasses, Hat, Flats Booties, Long Sleeve Fish Shirts, Quick-Drying Pants and Shorts, Camera, Passport, Cash, Flies, Rods and Reels, Lines, Leaders and Tippets, Nippers, Forceps, Fanny Pack, Rain Coat, Dry Bag and Ear Plugs for a noisy roommate.

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